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Covid-19: Global Healthcare Voices

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Dr Daphne Gadama



Dr Delia Smith

New Zealand

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Dr Tim

Hong Kong

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Dr Sandeep S Reddy


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Dr Mir Saaduddin Ahmad



Fadi Al-Dairi


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Dr Oliver Archibald

New York, United States of America

Palestine - Mohammad Aghalkurdi.png

Dr Mohammed Aghaalkurdi



Brian Chanda Chiluba



Dr Laura Santos



Abdulhadi Shahud

Moria Camp, Lesvos, Greece

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Dr Amber Wheatley

British Virgin Islands

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Dr Gracia Hamadeh



Dr. Tilak Ghimire


Malawi: Dr Daphne Gadama is a research medical officer working in Lilongwe. Recorded 5th June 2020.

Palestine: Dr Mohammed Aghaalkurdi, junior Doctor at Medical Aid for Palestinians Gaza office as a Limb Reconstruction Project Assistant. Recorded 12th May 2020. 

New Zealand: Dr Delia Smith, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar, RANZCOG trainee, Middlemore Hospital (CMDHB), Aukland. Recorded May 11th 2020.

Zambia: Brian Chanda Chiluba, epidemiologist, bio-statistician, sustainability strategist and public health expert. Lecturer and researcher of the University of Zambia in the school of health sciences. Has commenced research around COVID-19, with one study published and 5 under review. Recorded 4th May 2020.

Hong Kong: Dr Tim, A&E, Recorded 2nd May 2020.

Brazil: Dr Laura Caldas dos Santos, Ophthalmologist with interest in External Disease and Corne, Graduated by Faculdade de Medicina de Marília in 2001, São Paulo. Recorded 1st May 2020.  

Greece: Abdulhadi Shahud, Operations Manager, Kitrinos Healthcare and Moria Camp Coordinator, Medglobal, Moria Camp, Lesvos, Greece. Recorded 26th April 2020. 

India: Dr. Sandeep S Reddy, MBBS, MD, DTMH, MSC-TMIH, an alumni of the prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is currently based out of south India and engaged in speciality practice of Infectious diseases, Travel medicine, special interests in Public health and close working association with the state's ministry of health. A principle-driven professional with passion for clinical research and medical teaching. Recorded 26th April 2020.

Bangladesh: Dr Mir Saaduddin Ahmad MBBS, MRCS, MRCEM, FRCEM is a UK trained Doctor currently working in Bangladesh, working on developing his speciality of Emergency Medicine in a country that does not yet recognise it. He is Director of Academic Medicine for Dr Nizam Medical Centre, works with the Bangladesh Society of Emergency Medicine and is Director for Doctors Worldwide where he directs the ‘DICE’ programme which aims to improve the delivery of emergency care for Rohingya refugees in the camp setting. Recorded 24th April 2020.


British Virgin Islands: Dr Amber Wheatley is a first year family medicine resident in rural North Wales. Originally from the British Virgin Islands, Dr Wheatley has followed her passion for rural and remote family medicine around the world. She is Vice-Chair and  Caribbean student representative of WONCA Polaris, the North American Young Doctor's Movement. She is also an ambassador for Rural Seeds, a special interest group for newly qualified healthcare professionals working in rural areas. Recorded 22nd April 2020

Lebanon: Dr Gracia Hamadeh, Family medicine Graduate of the American university of Beirut Lebanon. Recorded 20th April 2020. 

New York, United States of America: Dr Oliver Archibald MD, DTMH is a locum Acute Medicine Doctor working in a NYC  hospital in the immigrant community and two smaller rural hospitals in Tennessee and Maine. Recorded 18th April 2020.

Syria: Fadi Al-Dairi; Co-Founder & Country Director of Hand In Hand for Aid & Development (HIHFAD), a British organisation founded in response to the conflict inside Syria. HIHFAD founded in 2011 and now employs over 900 personnel inside Syria working across various sectors, namely: Health & Nutrition, WASH, FSL, Protection, and Livelihood. Recorded 6th April 2020.

Nepal: Dr Tikal Babu Ghimire, MD, MDGP, DTMH, Lamjung Model Hospital, GP and medical superintendent and founder of Lamjung Model Hospital. Recorded 5th April 2020. 

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