Health Professionals for Global Health was founded in 2017 with the merging of two already established bodies who work on education and advocacy on global health in the UK. We felt that we could join resources and move forward as a stronger entity to meet our shared objective of ‘global health for all people.’


The two groups are Alma Mata and the Global Health Curriculum Group (GHCG).


Alma Mata is a network of healthcare professionals interested in global health established in 2005. They provided regular updates on global health news, events, education and careers.  They have over 1000 members across the globe and have provided a forum for continuing training and discussion in global health.


The GHCG was founded by a group of UK based doctors at the request of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in 2010. Their main aim was to work towards the inclusion of more global health opportunities within postgraduate training through the inclusion of competencies in the curriculum. The focus was on “what the UK based health professional needs be able to do,” and how training to achieve these competencies could be both delivered and assessed.

Together, we are Health Professionals for Global Health, and our vision is:

A UK health workforce that engages with global health challenges to achieve equitable health for all


1. Act as advocates for Global Health and social justice both in the UK and more broadly; this will be through raising awareness about relevant situations, activities, opportunities and through collaborating with relevant stakeholders as well as advocating for the inclusion of GH competencies into UK curriculum


2.  Keep Global Health education in focus with collaborative working across specialties and boarders to support global health education, action and research to achieve health for all. This will be through promoting learning about Global Health in the UK and providing learning opportunities and advocacy.


3.  Build partnerships with key stakeholders and develop a network of health professionals who are engaged in Global Health both in the UK and abroad.


4. Build knowledge and understanding amongst health professionals on their role in achieving global health and how they can contribute at the local, national or international level to forward the  agenda.


We are steering committee of healthcare professionals in the UK.


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